12th Oct 2016

Adding Some Style To Your Pool

When people think of a swimming pool, they usually picture one of two designs. First is the standard below ground pool. A rectangular hole is dug, it’s filled in with concrete, then water gets dumped in. Second is an above ground pool, where a frame is constructed, then a wall made of aluminum or steel is placed through tracks in the frame. But there are a number of different ways to personalize your pool and give it a sense of style.

Read on for a few ways to dazzle friends and family with your pool.

  • A custom pool mat is a great way to take ownership of a pool. Professionally, the logo of your company can be placed on a mat, which transforms a pool into an eye catching centerpiece for your next corporate event. Personally, the mat can have the name of your family or a graphic that’s either important, or simply cool looking.
  • These days, resorts and hotels love designing pools with vanishing edges. Basically, the pool resembles a regular pool, but with a missing edge. Water spills downwards into a catch basin, and it’s recycled back into the pool. This look is sleek and stylish.
  • Maybe you think that the only way to own a pool is to also own a big house. The good news is that if you’re downsizing or embracing the tiny house trend, there’s a corresponding trend in swimming pools. Small pools are...simply that, a pool that’s a good bit smaller. You don’t have to worry about cluttering your backyard, but you’ll still get the benefit of splashing around on a summer day.
  • Natural pools are another trend that’s going strong. For aesthetic purposes, some people like a body of water complimenting a garden area. A natural pool is an artificially constructed pool, only it has no chemicals in the water, and it’s meant for decoration instead of swimming.