13th Oct 2016

Pet Pool Safety

There’s something about swimming pools that inspire relaxation. Maybe you’re using it for exercise, you’re admiring your beautiful custom pool mat, or just enjoying time spent with the whole family. W …

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12th Oct 2016

Adding Some Style To Your Pool

When people think of a swimming pool, they usually picture one of two designs. First is the standard below ground pool. A rectangular hole is dug, it’s filled in with concrete, then water gets dumped …

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11th Oct 2016

Why Swimming Lessons Matter

Let’s say you’ve just had a pool installed. Toys have been acquired, swimming pool art has been put in, and now you’re ready. Well...almost ready. You’ve got kids, and maybe you’re worried about them …

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10th Oct 2016

Tips For Achieving The Perfect Pool Workout

You’ve finally gotten your own personal swimming pool. You’ve decorated it with personalized and stylish pool art. Now, you need to use it! From a fitness standpoint, a pool is bursting with potential …

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